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The Closing of Cycles to Prepare for the New

Before closing out the year, we must take inventory of what cycles need to go so we can live our best life in 2022.

Full transcript of reading:

Hello and welcome to another episode of Tarot Tuesday. My name is Kara, and I am your guide and friend through this reading. I use my knowledge of the tarot, intuitive insights, and symbolism drawn from the cards to bring forth messages that will help us, the collective, on our path.

We are in our last week of 2021. If we take a moment to pause and reflect, we can see the overview of what our experiences were this year. Things we did, learned, said. We may be feeling great about where we are at, coming to the year's end or we may be feeling like we didn’t do enough. Wherever you are, it is okay. It’s where you are meant to be at this moment.

Before I began this reading, I asked Spirit several questions.

  • What are the current energies for the week ahead?

  • As our last full week of 2021, what do we need to know, let go of, and/or prepare ourselves for 2022?

  • How can we best spend our last week of 2021?

I was drawn to use several decks for this reading. Like consulting several close friends, I feel each deck has an energy of its own and each has a special message for us. Sometimes those closest to us will tell us things we don’t want to hear. The love and care they hold for us begins to feel like a heavy burden as they watch us self-destruct. There is a lot of heavy energy in this reading so I wanted to put that out there now to not catch anyone off guard. Although this is a general reading, I feel like the overall theme relates to many of the issues we may deal with in our own lives. Please take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

We start the reading with the 4 of Pentacles in Reverse. This card jumped out of the deck while shuffling which is always a sign it wants to be seen. As it came out I was asking what we need to let go of. Its message: Holding on too tight. Fear of failure. Lack of fulfillment or initiative. Pentacles typically refer to finances so this could also mean a fear of poverty or lack of sensible spending. We may be holding on too tight to things we really should be letting go of. A defensive or timid attitude may be hampering our progress.

What in your life are you gripping too tightly at this time? What are you afraid to let go of?

Up next is the 10 of Swords. Pain, regret, anger, confusion. A repeater of things. Undisciplined, warning force, and complete destruction and failure. Ruin of all plans and projects. I’m really getting a lot of addictive energy coming through. Whether that’s drugs, alcohol, food, television. Anything that’s numbing ust from the life we could be living. 10’s can symbolize the end of one cycle and beginning of another. As we approach this new year, we are shown a clear picture of what our destructive tendencies can do and create for us if we continue down that path.

Are there destructive tendencies you are repeating in your life? If so, what are they?

The Hermit appears next and his advice is to go within. Taking time for solitude and reflection. Finding the light within which allows us to discover our true and authentic self. You can see the figure hiding behind the plants but off in the distance is a coiled up snake. The snake refers to our life force energy that we have abandoned by our current actions.

The Devil makes himself seen but we have already been feeling his pull. Pain, suffering and being stuck in a sticky web of destruction is caused by our own doing. We are creating our reality by continuing to repeat unhealthy cycles.

The 4 of Swords cuts through the veil of our illusion. In the Rider Waite deck, the figure is laying down in a bed, symbolizing the need for rest. A time out to evaluate the pain and suffering we’ve been experiencing. Prayer, meditation, and calling on a higher power can be beneficial at this time. I just read something last night that talked about the week in between Christmas and New Years and how we should let go of all the feelings and need to do things and instead take a break and just let ourselves be, breath, and relax. This is a time to let go and release before we begin the new year.

Speaking of release, The Death card comes to us. It doesn’t mean actual death but rather a death of cycles. Honoring the end of 2021 as we move into 2022. The winter season is a time of death. All the leaves have fallen, the cold, frost, and snow prevent new growth. Like The Hermit, and 4 of Swords, it’s a time to go inward. We allow the death of who we once were. This card is a beautiful opportunity to let go of all that we no longer want to carry with us. We have the power and ability to end our destructive cycles and move forward with a clear sense of self and purpose as we move into 2022. We give thanks for all that brought us to this death for we wouldn’t be where we are in this moment without it.

This reading has taken us on a painful journey but there is always hope as we close out old cycles clearing space for the new. The final message we receive is the 10 of Cups. Perfection of the present situation. Realization of hopes. Spiritual happiness. Fulfillment. Bliss. Emotional completion. This energy is only possible if we take the messages we’ve received and make the necessary changes in our lives and environment. We can let go of the old and create new healthy cycles for ourselves. We can find peace, happiness, and a new way of living that is supportive to ourselves and others.

Allow yourself the space, grace, and compassion as you close out 2021 and prepare for what lies ahead in 2022.

I hope you enjoyed this reading. Thank you so much for listening. If you have any questions, comments, or are interested in a personal reading, you can find all of my information down in the description box below.

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Thanks everyone and have a great week!

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