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Tarot Tuesday Collective Reading // Tapping Into Our Wildest Dreams

Change is definitely in the air and this reading is here to confirm that we are on the right path.

Transcript of reading:

We as the collective are learning and growing. We are able to view our experiences with a different lens allowing for our perspective and views to change. We are moving forward on our path. We are coming into full alignment. We are beginning to see the shift in our lives from the positive changes we have made. Life happens when we fully and authentically live it.

The Seven of Pentacles represents a showing of our wares. Exposing our talents and coming together with like-minded people who value and appreciate us. Our interpersonal interactions become more positive as we are choosing to live in alignment with our truth. We are expressing and exposing who we are which lays a strong foundation for genuine connection.

The Ace of Swords confirms our new outlook. We are seeing from a higher point of view. We have the ability to cut through the veil and move into a new realm. A new life we thought we could only dream in the mind.

As above, below is what the Eight of Cups is here to show. It reminds us of the power of prayer, affirmation, and gratitude. In my meditation, prior to the reading, I wrote, “I am part of something much bigger than what is visible to the eye.” When I wrote this I was focusing on grounding my energy down into mother earth. Thinking of the vast and intricate root system of plants and trees. How they begin to grow underground before being seen above ground. When we plant seeds for our goals and dreams, the only way for them to grow the way we desire is by nurturing them. By giving them the attention and care that will help them thrive. We must give ourselves this same care.

The King of Pentacles comes in to confirm what is possible for us in this life. The King's energy is all about strength, stability, and good health. He is well nourished and understands the balance of giving and receiving. His right hand (our giving side) is facing downward and you can see all that he is giving back to the earth. The crack in the floor in which he stands allows for the sprouting of new growth. The symbols rise up to form a pentacle which he receives with his left hand. Our left hand is for receiving energy.

I wanted to dive into this receiving energy a bit more as we are in our harvest season. I asked Spirit how we can shift more into ultimate receiving mode.

The Empress and the Knave of Pentacles emerged. By connecting with the god or goddess energy within, we connect more deeply with our higher self and our higher power. We begin to see that life is magic. Opportunities align. New doors open while others close. We have the ability to move away and start new. The answers are within us. By cultivating our spiritual connection along with the physical work we put in we plant a lush garden for ourselves where anything is possible.

If you are interested in a personal reading, you can send an email to I'd love to hear from you.

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