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Tarot Reading // March 30, 2020

Happy Monday. Today I was supposed to be moving to Italy for three months. Due to Covid-19, I am now self-Isolating with my mother. The crisis we are facing affects everyone on the planet. For each of us, there is a lesson to be learned. It will not be the same for everyone. Be open to what comes up during this time and what challenges you face. Be open and willing to transmute the energies that are causing you to feel scared and sad. These are trying times but we will get through them. The world will never go back to the way it was. It will be different and we will need to adapt in order to survive and thrive. I've been doing tarot readings for myself but wanted to expand and do one for the collective this morning as we are all in this together.

For this reading, I did a basic past, present, future layout. I asked Spirit for general information regarding why this is happening on a spiritual level and how we can work through it.

Past Placement// Five of Cups

Disappointment. Things may not have worked out for us in the past or possibly now we feel like everything has run dry. Our grocery store shelves have been ransacked of our basic necessities. There are people with nothing right now. No job, no income, no food. We have been stripped. Instead of looking at this in a negative way, we can look at this as an omen for death. Some will be experiencing a physical exit from this life, but for the people who survive will be the ones to help rebuild the world we are left with after this is all over. The virus will eventually leave but the changes it caused will need love, patience, and compassion from those who will rebuild.

Present Placement // Six of Swords

We are free to cut away the mental anguish that is very much present at this time. Let's rely on science to find a cure, to rewire and restructure our lives. We are ending an old way of life. Simply put, we are cutting through the bullshit. Who has had enough? And not just enough of the virus but enough with the same cycles we put ourselves in. The same cycles we repeat. The same vices that keep our highest expression hostage. It's a time cut through the spider web of life and re-spin our web. We can learn from this and make it more beautiful, safer, and more secure than it was before. We can use the power of our minds at this time to create a new and balanced structure.

Future Placement // Knight of Cups

Fighting for our lives will allow us to reach the stars. Success is coming to those who take a new path. Let's set new intentions and send them up to Source, where they will be charged with the highest light. Soar high into the sky with your ideas and watch them come into form in the physical.

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