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Six Months

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I release

I let go

I welcome the unknown

I plant seeds

Of what I want to be

And flow in the way they grow

It feels so good being in this new space. I've always held on to what didn't serve my highest good. Because of that, I dimmed myself. Dimmed my abilities, my light, and my future. I now see after coming into alignment the things I have always desired are appearing. And it's not based off luck. Everything is falling into place as it's meant to be. I had to learn all the lessons presented to me. I now see how this pattern began when I was 18. It's funny because up until my 31st birthday I felt like I was stuck at that age. I allowed myself to stop growing spiritually. I accepted myself for the way I was. I knew there was more. More to me, more to life. But I stayed in this vicious cycle. I allowed myself to be less than I am.

Taking the biggest risk of my life was leaving everything behind to find myself. This week marks six months since I radically changed my ways. I'm happy to report that I found who I was searching for and more. Life is such a crazy and insane journey but it's also the most beautiful thing we can experience.

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