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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Self-healing is the process of using outlets to release stress, tension, anger, or any other negative emotions. Self-healing works not only to eliminate the bad energy, but it increases the good energies and vibration within us. It allows us to come back to our center and recalibrate the alignment that positions us into the state of our best self. Self-healing is dealing. It’s finding a way to work through issues in our lives rather than cover them up. Self-healing requires an open mind. It allows us the space to discover new things about ourself and helps us find our flow.

As someone who used to turn to self mutilation and compulsive eating, I can’t tell you how amazing it is to find outlets that allow me to work through what I’m dealing with rather than avoid it for a short period of time with the nagging thoughts of it returning later.

When life becomes all too overwhelming we tend to disconnect. We numb ourselves with television, Instagram, drugs, alcohol or food. The problem with using these to cope is that they simply don’t allow us the space to deal. We are already swimming in a state of stale energy and using these numbing methods only bring about more negative energies in the end. We compare our lives to those online. We feel shame for using or guilt for eating. As you can see the cycle continues. Instead of disconnecting in this way, why not disconnect from these patterns.

Shut off your phone. Sit outside in nature. Go for a long walk. Write. Sing. Dance. Do yoga. Do things that connect you to YOU.

Find outlets that allow you the space to work through what you are dealing with. When we are willing to put the time and work into ourselves we connect deeper to who we truly are. Our creative energies begin to flow. We discover truths about ourself and the lessons we are presented.

Once we come to understand that everything that happens to us in life is a lesson we won’t feel the need to numb ourselves. We will be curious to know the answer. And how to do find the answer you ask? By processing. By connecting with you, your higher self, your angels, guides, whoever you call upon. We process by computing the information presented in a way that makes sense to us. We all have that power within us. We just need to find outlets that best serve our needs. It’s time we put ourselves first for once and make the time to do the things we enjoy.

It’s time to heal and the only way to fully heal is to self-heal. We can’t rely on anyone else to make us better. No matter how clean our diet is or what supplements we take won’t fully get us to that place until we can align on all levels. Our life is in our hands. We have the choice to heal or to hurt.

What do you choose?

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