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October 1, 2020 // Harvest Moon

Ciao tutti! Full Moon blessings. This month holds two powerful moons in their fullness. How great is it that we get to experience one on the very first day of the month and one on the very last day?

Following the Autumn Equinox, we are currently soaking up the transformative frequencies. This first full moon will lovingly allow us to release what no longer serves us while bringing us closer to our soul's purpose. We are being showered with an abundance of signs and synchronicities showing us that things are changing and moving into a better light for all of us. All of the heaviness that has been stagnant for some time is coming loose. We are entering a brand new cycle and a brand new way of living.

Below is a poem I wrote channeling the energies of this moon. Enjoy.

Injustice uninvited

Clearing away of old ways

Paving the way

For a brand new day

A new way of living and seeing the world

A new way of feeling, injustice resolved

The trauma is gone, pain is away

We’ve gone through the demons that shaped us today

Give thanks for their lessons

So tiring and long

Give thanks for their blessings

Carrying us along

Into the waters, so cleansing and calm

Opening space for New Moons to come

I let it go, I let it flow

Dear Mother Moon, please honor my call.

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