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Navigating Our Way Through April

Ciao tutti,

Today is the start of a brand new month. I wish COVID-19 could be an April Fools joke, but sadly it is not. Despite all that is going on, there is a breeze of fresh air blowing in this month. We are moving forward. Things tend to get worse before they get better. "Once you are at the bottom there isn't anywhere to go but up." My mom has always told me that saying and whenever I find myself in a less than fortunate situation, I remember her words.

To kick off the month I did another tarot reading for the collective. I asked Spirit what we can focus on and how we can make the most of this month. Each card represents a different aspect of our soul/psyche. The first card, Prince of Cups, represents our spiritual connection. The second card, Four of Cups, represents the mental aspects. The third card is our emotions. The fourth card is a message of how we can create change in our own lives, our community, and our world.

1. Prince of Cups

We are in the midst of a great storm. Despite our limited visibility, we have the strength and ability to take the reins. We move forward courageously in the face of danger, weathering the storm. We have discovered the snake within us and we see it begin to rise. The snake is a symbol of kundalini energy. The coiled snake sits at the base of our spine (our root chakra). As we awaken and spiritually mature, the snake begins to rise, activating our life force energy.

2. Four of Cups

Despite being caught in a storm and covered by clouds, we are feeling a sense of fullness. Many have been affected negatively by this virus but look where we are. Home, either alone or with loved ones. We have time to spend with ourselves or with our families. We can devote the time to our passions and interests that we often neglect. We get so caught up in the go-go-go-work-work-work mentality that we let our relationships suffer, especially the relationship we have with ourselves. The Four of Cups is a positive card. Abundance is flowing. Our cups are being filled. We have more control over our mental health than we've ever had. We have time to sit, to think. We have time to find what really makes us feel rich in life.

3. Two of Disks

Here we have the snake again. It is now adorned with a crown and its body is in the shape of the infinity symbol. The snake shares with us the yin and yang of life. The experience of both sides and their polarities. In our journey, we experience both the darkness and the light. The message is for us to learn how to balance our emotions in times of uncertainty. There are many things that happen in life that are out of our control, but we do have control over our reactions and actions.

4. Seven of Cups With The Sun to Clarify

We feel like we are stuck in the muck right now. We are losing jobs, businesses are going under, people are sick and many dying. The world feels like it's falling apart. Looking above to the sign of the snake we are reminded of the balance of life. How we have to go through the darkness to see the light. The world is going through a major dark period at this time. What will come from us taking more positive and loving steps? Whether that be changing our mindset, staying home, or safely helping those who are in need. The Sun came through to shine its light on us. As we transition into April we are moving with the flow of the seasons. The weather is warming up, the days are longer, flowers are blooming. We are moving into a harmonious space. We are moving towards the light. The sun rises each morning to offer us a new day. We won't be in this crisis forever. Be the light at this time, for yourself and for others.

Sending love and healing vibes to you all. Please stay healthy and well and inside your homes.

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