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Clear The Space With Grace

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Now it is more important than ever to create rituals in everything we do. The simple act of being present and setting an intention can do wonders for our mental health as we approach each new day during these uncertain times. The leader of our country boldly stated yesterday his authority is total. I allowed this to get to me. Just last week I was on the phone with my doctor over a mix up with my thyroid medication. Long story short, he told me I don’t have to give my consent when it comes to changing my medication. As my doctor, he gets the final say. Luckily in this situation, I was able to fire him on the spot. As much as I would love to fire our president, I cannot. I can only focus on what I can do better at this time. How I react and how to handle myself in situations.

As I’ve mentioned before, we are in a deep space of spiritual cleansing at this time. It’s tragic and unfortunate but it’s shining light on what else needs to be cleared. In order to allow in the new, we have to completely clear out the old. How long this process will take is not known. We are in it and we have to flow, not fight. Resistance just makes it worse.

We need to stay connected to who we are at this time and not let the media, the virus, or the fear take us away from what we are here to do. We have to be brave in the face of change. We have to be willing to fight for our lives so we can thrive. These are very interesting times. Like many dealing with mental health issues, I am up and down. Happy and sad. Motivated and stagnant. I’m in it, deeply. We all are.

For those who want to supercharge their sageing, this is for you. Reciting this is great before meditation or simply anytime you need to connect back to yourself and clear your mind of all the chaos that is happening.

First, take a few breaths and center yourself. Before lighting your sage, recite the following.

I honor this sage and the ground it where it grew.

I honor Mother Earth and the abundance she gifts to me.

I honor her ability to thrive in contrasting climates.

I call upon sage spirit at this time to share its cleansing abilities.

I ask that this space be cleared from negative energies, fear, and worry.

I am now bathed in a beautiful bright, white light.

All is well.

The new is now.

Thank you.

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