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I'm Fully Vaxed

The covid19 pandemic has been a destructive force. It brought sickness, death, divide, and a multitude of lifestyle changes that were out of our control. Fighting it, wanting it to go away, and wishing we could return back to “normal” are not an option if we want to grow as individuals or as a collective. We’ve been forced to go within, learn, and adapt to the new reality we are faced with. Discovering new ways of living and communicating have been difficult but there is always a balance of opposing forces.

I want to pay respect to those who have been negatively affected. As terrible as this last year has been, this experience has also been life changing in many good ways. I think it’s important to highlight the good that can come from the not so good. I’ve seen businesses open and thrive during this time as well as hearing stories of how people’s lives moved in a better direction despite the shake up. The universe has allowed us a period of deep introspection. We’ve realized what is truly important to us and how we want to live our lives.

Personally, I’ve experienced major changes due to the pandemic and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if they did not occur. I’m grateful for this opportunity as it’s helped me grow as an individual. I believe this period in time is an opportunity for all of us to reevaluate and connect deeper to ourselves as well as finding new ways of communicating with others.

When the CDC reduced their mask guidelines, it became confusing as to who was vaccinated and who was over the pandemic and mask guidelines. My boyfriend and I went for a hike with friends that same weekend and it was strange to see so many people without their masks. Had they been vaccinated? Were they wondering the same about us? In an effort to show common courtesy to our community we wanted to find a way to tell others we were fully vaccinated. We wanted to come up with a simple, straightforward, super clear, concise, incredibly obvious, and playful way that we’ve been fully vaxed. The idea of a T-shirt saying “I’m fully vaccinated” was born and we think it’s a fun way to assure others you are playing it safe and slowing the spread of covid-19.

What changes have occured in your life due to covid? Leave your response in the comment section. I'd love to hear your stories.

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