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Effects From Last Night's Full Moon

Angels and guides of the highest light, keep us surrounded in the moon's full light.

We thank Mother Moon for her guidance and support during this dark time. Now that we have been bathed and illuminated by her radiance, how will it help us move forward in our journey? How will the rippling vibrations change things around us?

For this reading, I did a four-card spread with number 1 starting on the left. The layout is as follows:

1. How did this full moon affect us mentally?

2. How will it affect us physically?

3. How does it affect us spiritually?

4. What will come from all three of these energies working synergistically?

1. Princess of Swords

Cutting through the bullshit. The last big battle. Fighting for our lives. There is great suffering that we endured in our lives and we have reached the breaking point. We've hit our bottom. Defeated. But now, we no longer allow that to be the way we live. We open up to the power within ourselves. We fight and we fight together; for we are all in the same fight to survive. We are not alone in this. Whether we have physical support or only that of our angels, they are here to offer help to us. We are guided and protected. We are shown what needs to be cut out and released.

2. The Universe

When the mental anguish disappears, we can free our bodies from the chronic pain that manifested from the suffering we kept buried inside. We allow ourselves to be free and see the universe for what it is. A vast open space full of movement and possibility. We not only feel into our bodies now but expand out into other dimensions that can't be seen with a human outlook.

3. Three of Cups

Mind, body, and soul alignment. All of our cups are full and flowing with abundance. By clearing our mind and body of stagnation, we create the space for love and light to flow freely.

4. Nine of Cups

I immediately thought 3x3=9. Complete mind, body, and soul fulfillment. We move into a place of peace and harmony. There is plenty to go around. Abundance and fulfillment for all. We've learned how to fill our own cups. We don't rely on others or keep them accountable for our happiness. We bear water and wisdom. We work independently and then together to create more abundance that can be shared by all. Abundance and fulfillment for all.

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