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Tarot Reading // December Full Moon

I honor the moon in her full brightness

Shining light on all that can be let go

Waves of emotions, rising tides

Cleansing waters, enjoying the ride.

Today we are met with the final full moon of the year. 2020 has proven to be a heavy hitter and this moon is in the water sign of Cancer, focusing on, or bringing up emotions that need to be let go. The events that have occurred over this year created a collective shift allowing us to gain new perspectives and view ourselves in a much different light. The cosmic energies are right on target. Closing out this year and preparing for a brand new start is what we need to focus on at this time.

How will this full moon affect the collective? Read on to find out.

Judgment - Now is time for a major change. We are ending a cycle and clearing space for new beginnings. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, we’ve endured a difficult period, but with strength and grace, we can rise above.

Spend time evaluating where you’re currently at in your journey and make choices that will change you for the better.

The Chariot - We are gaining a sense of deep purpose within. Our newfound ability to move forward and go with the flow allows us to gain control over conflicting forces. The time to move forward is now.

Strength and a clear sense of direction will allow you to come out on top.

Strength - Faith in our own abilities will give us the confidence and inner strength to get through any situation. This may be a reminder to tame the beast within if you are feeling out of control.

Ten of Cups - Harmony in personal relationships. Giving and receiving love. The 10 of Cups is an extremely positive card for matters of love, emotions, values, shared happiness, and spiritual growth.

Overall Energies

Two of Cups - A balanced partnership. A time to find common ground. Mutual respect and balancing the give and take. Learning to work together. Although this card usually symbolizes working with another person, it can also represent understanding the aspects within ourselves and working on a holistic level to bring us to a place of peace.

Ace of Cups - Abundance. New beginnings in emotional health. Emotional renewal.

I really love the cards that came out in this spread. The first three cards are all major arcana which represent energies outside of our control. All carry positive qualities that are lovingly helping us move forward. The Ten of Cups demonstrates that through hard work and the understanding of give and take, we can relish in its abundance. Through hard work comes reward.

Cups represent emotions and correspond to water signs in astrology. As mentioned above, this full moon we have tonight is in the sign of Cancer. To have three cards, and positive cards at that show up in this suit is the universe’s way of showing us that we can be free from what no longer serves us, opening space for a life of abundance and new beginnings.

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