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Collective Tarot Reading For December

December Tarot Reading. Tap into the collective energies December has to offer.

Full transcript of reading:

What can we, the collective, look forward to in the month of December? What are the current energies that are going to be coming up for us?

What guidance does Spirit have for us as we approach a new month and new cycle?

How can we best transition through the new month?

Hello and welcome to another episode of Tarot Tuesday. My name is Kara and I am your guide and friend through this reading. I use my knowledge of the tarot, intuitive insights, and symbolism drawn from the cards to bring forth messages that will help us, the collective, on our path.

This is a general reading for the month of December. Please take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

4 of Cups & 4 of Pentacles were the first two cards to jump out of the deck. I love the numerology associated with these two cards. 44 is a divine angel number. This is such a beautiful message from the spiritual realm. It’s an offering of support from our guides. A blessing of protection as we work through the difficult times on the path to achieving our goals.

The winter season kicks off in December and it’s a time to go inward. A time to go within and hibernate. As you can see in the 4 of Cups, the cups are facing downward. The figure has her hands to the earth. There is a beautiful garden blooming below but it hasn’t reached the surface just yet. I feel this is symbolic of what a lot of us are experiencing at this time. We are approaching the end of the year and we may not have what we wanted to achieve. We may feel like we don’t have much of anything to show at this time, but the year is not over just yet. It’s almost like this figure is knocking on the ground to check on all the seeds she has planted below. You can see they are growing beautifully but they haven't yet reached the surface. It’s a reminder to shift our mindset and think about the seeds we planted. Just because we planted seeds doesn’t mean they are going to grow. They grow when we nurture and care for them. The 4 of Pentacles coming out is showing the growth and expansion that can come from a nurturing of our intentions and seeds. The figure, and there's two of them, aligned with their hands are raised to the heavens. The pentacles are above them. I feel in the month of December things are going to shift. We are going to rise above what has prevented our gardens from growing. We are going to be receiving the abundance and stability we desire. Really coming into our power and alignment.

The next two cards to jump out of the deck are The Magician & Knave of Cups

The Magician shows up again in this week’s reading. It's a reminder from Spirit that we have everything we need at this time to shift into the life that we desire. We have all the tools and resources available to us to get us into a new space and reality. We have everything that we need to succeed. The Knave of Cups welcomes this new opportunity. You see the figure sitting with himself, alone at work, almost looking up to the cup, a new opportunity hovering in front of him. If you lay The Knave of Cups over The Magician they are in almost the same position. They are facing the same direction. I really feel like this is a message from Spirit telling us to tap into our higher self and our higher power. We have the magic inside of us. We just need to tap into it. Tap into our abilities and talents.

The Hierophant & 8 of Pentacles

The Hierophant is a symbol of man’s search for meaning and the search for spiritual truth. This card really ties together and clarifies the messages of the previous cards in this reading and how we must really connect with our higher self and/or higher power to come into our highest alignment. You see the human figure bowing to this mythical figure, a deity. It’s a symbol of surrendering to a higher power. When we connect with our spiritual self and surrender to a power greater than ourselves, we then connect with this 8 of Pentacles energy. Again with the numerology, the beginning of this reading started with two 4’s and if you add them together we get an 8. The number 8 symbolizes balance and inner stability. A message from our guides that we must make peace with ourselves. When we do this we view our current circumstances in a much more positive light. With acceptance, we find beauty is everything. You can see the figure is among the trees and this abundant life energy. The tree is bearing a plentiful amount of fruit. You can also see the three vessels behind him filled to the brim with what nature is offering. There is an abundance available to all of us when we connect when we surrender, and when we let go of all the egoic energy holding us back. When we allow for new emotional experiences, for new energy, and when we tap into the spiritual side of us, we connect to a divine energy that is always available. When we connect with ourselves we get to this 4 of Pentacles energy but it takes the 4 of Cups energy to see the lack and what is needed to change and shift our surroundings.

This has been such a beautiful reading. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, comments, or are interested in a personal reading please check in the description box below for how to contact me.

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