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Aries New Moon

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Angels and guides of the highest light, surround and protect me on this beautiful night. Shine your light in the darkness of this new moon. Shine your light on my darkness, my anger, my sadness. Shine light on the areas that I need to address. Shine light and help me see from my heart and not my head. Allow me to be open to feeling, open to healing.

I feel the energy rising, growing slowly but strong. I flow in that energy, it’s leading me along. Down a path of wonder and complete surprise. It’s now or never, I’m saving my own life. I’m taking my power and piecing it back. I’m learning a new way, on a new track. Spirit will guide me wherever I go. I can be rest assured, it will be nothing short of a show. I see my life forming, it grows with such grace. I feel myself folding away from the space. The cycles I spun in, soaked and strung out. I have more to live for, there is no doubt. Angels and guides of the highest light, I give you thanks and bid you goodnight.

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