Care Of The Body Nourishes The Soul

By working out and eating well, you strengthen the housing of your soul.  The better you take care of what carries you through this life, the better you can serve your higher purpose as well as serve others.  When feeling well, healthy, and confident, you project that energy outwards. The same goes for when you feel unhappy in areas of your life. We help others and others help us by acting as mirrors.  What kind of reflection do you want to attract and see looking back? 

So many of us become lazy without realizing it until it’s too late.  You stop or limit physical activity, consume unhealthy foods, and before long, you begin to see your life and goals as stagnant. Why do you do this? Because it’s easy. How many times have you sat around mindlessly eating and gone down the rabbit hole of Instagram or any other social media outlet?  Not only is it a waste of time, but without being able to help it, you start to compare your current life to the pretty pictures of others. It’s a downward spiral that sucks you in. In addition to the already low level of self-esteem you feel by not taking care of your body, you begin to feel worthless when you compare yourself to the success of others. 

It’s time to put in the work and take care of you.  Stop caring or comparing yourself to others.  Realign that focus on yourself.  Each and every one of you has something so special and unique deep within your soul. The better you take care of the vehicle that is this body, the easier it is to connect with your higher self. I’m not suggesting you go to the gym and start lifting a bunch of weights or follow a strict paleo diet. If you want to do that, great. Many of us don’t. I do suggest that you find some sort of activity that gets you moving. Walking, hiking or yoga are great options that don’t require a gym membership. Being out in nature is a great way to connect to Mother Earth and yoga is a wonderful practice to help you connect with yourself. As for diet, avoid all the processed junk that’s loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients.  It’s okay to have a treat once in a while, but when you consume these foods on the daily you aren’t going to be feeling good.  Focus on fresh, natural foods. Plenty of vegetables, cooked or raw, fruits, whole grains, and meats and poultry that are free from antibiotics and growth hormones. Once you implement these changes in your life you will begin to see the shift in both your mental and physical health.  Many of you already know that these are the changes that need to be made in order to feel better and get healthy.  It’s just that damn laziness and easy routine you’ve been trapped in for so long. Throw that old routine out the window. Why continue to live with a dimmed soul when you can put in a little work and see yourself truly shine?