Finding Your Tribe

In the process of deepening my spirituality, I often feel alone at times. Although I am more connected and fulfilled with myself, it’s sharing my journey with others close to me that can be uncomfortable. My mom has always been spiritually open so I can talk freely to her about the feelings I have or what I’m going through. There are also a few other close people in my life with whom I can speak confidently to without feeling like they think I’m some witchy weirdo. Once after talking about the different levels of reiki, I was told it sounded like a mystical video game.

Last night we celebrated the birthday of a mutual friend. We’ve been connected through social media and have seen each other a few times over the last couple years. I always thought she was a nice girl but last night was the first time we got to talk in depth. We Identified so much together on the path we are currently taking in life. We’ve both dealt with candida long-term and discussed the challenges we’ve faced with avoiding sugar and making other lifestyle modifications. We both knew we needed to make changes in order to heal and overcome what was holding us back but there was something that kept us from making that change. Want to know what it was? It was us. It was the negative thoughts and the ease of being lazy and not having to do the work. It was no one's fault but our own. The biggest hurdle we had to get over were the self-limiting beliefs we’ve held onto for so many years. Once that awareness was recognized, it became much easier to identify triggers and change our mindset. We both knew that sugars and certain foods made us not feel and function well so why continue to consume them? Finally, the lightbulb went off and at that moment we knew we had to make a change. Do you want to live the same life you’ve been living, feeling like crap and being unhappy or do you want to make significant changes in your life that will better affect your health and well-being? As I’ve said before, you have two choices. You can either choose the positive or negative. This course of action can be used in every area of your life. From making decisions on what foods to eat or what thoughts to think. Why feed your body and mind with negative thoughts and nutrient-deprived foods when you can fuel your body and mind with loving thoughts and nourishing foods. It’s as simple as that. You just have to make the decision. 

Not only did we connect on a level about our health but we had similar spiritual beliefs as well. I can’t say how happy it makes me to be able to open up and have a deep conversation with someone on this topic. Someone asked me once how many people really get me. My answer was two. The more I have aligned with myself, I find that I am attracting others who are on the same vibrational level. Even if our backgrounds, story, or path is different, we share a deep understanding of one another. The compassion from this connection not only supports the other person on their journey but furthers us on our own.