Lost And Found

From an outsiders perspective, I may seem lost. Life has thrown a lot at me these past few months. There have been involuntary changes as well as voluntary. All in all, these life lessons have been nothing but the best for me and my growth. I would say I’m the farthest from being lost right now. I may not have it all together yet, but I feel myself shifting into alignment. I’m learning to trust my intuition and in doing so it’s opening up doors to wonderful people, experiences, and opportunities. 

Last week I quit my job of seven years as a baker. It’s not because I don’t love to bake or cook, I love that very much as you can tell by looking at my Instagram feed. It’s just not the kind of cooking/baking that’s true to me. Over the past eight months, I’ve really listened to my body and honored what it needs and doesn’t need. I knew that my PCOS and IC were not going to heal themselves if I continued down the path I was on. Sugar, gluten, and dairy exacerbate my symptoms heavily and eliminating them from my diet have done wonders for the amount of pain I suffer from each month. I’m not here to bash sugar, gluten, or dairy. Occasionally I can consume them in small amounts with no flares but overall, I avoid them because my body is happy without them. Out of the three, sugar is the worst for me. People always thought it was funny how I’m on opposite ends of the spectrum. On one end, I lead a healthy lifestyle with a strict diet and on the other, I work as a baker surrounded by all the things that are triggers for me. Again, I’m not here to bash sugar or judge you if you eat it. Everyone’s body is vastly different and we all react to certain foods differently. You can begin to see my dilemma, though. I loved my job dearly. I loved the people I worked for and my coworkers, but it started not feeling right to me anymore. 

As other areas of my life began to shift, I cultivated an open and honest relationship with myself that I’ve never had before. Similar to my diet, I’ve found what my soul needs and doesn’t need. I realized that if I want to be in complete alignment with myself I need to clear space of what no longer serves me so there will be room for new opportunities. Implementing this practice has brought so much clarity and fulfillment into my life. Despite what others think of my decisions or actions, I know I’m on the right path. It’s time for me to do what’s best for me.

Is there anything holding you back from aligning with your true self? If so, what can you do to change it?