My Experience With Past Life Regression

Life has been heavy as of late. There are lots of big life changes occurring and my health has been worse than it has ever been before. No matter how much I cleaned my diet up and restricted certain foods, I flared. I found that I’m flaring from consuming even the healthiest of foods. With a worsening of symptoms, I was referred to a gastroenterologist. After receiving my test results, the doctor wanted to put me on an antidepressant. Supposedly it helps “calm the stomach”. I felt defeated. The side effects from the medication indicated that it would make my symptoms worse and create more issues down the road. I’ve had terrible luck with doctors in the past and stand my ground on saying that the majority of them don’t care or look into the whole person or situation. They simply want their kickback from drug companies and prescribe pointless medication that will merely cover up symptoms and not solve the underlying issue. If they helped heal people they would be out of a job, wouldn’t they?

Healing does not come from covering up symptoms. It comes from diving deep within and looking at the mind/body/soul as one. There are so many factors that affect our health and well being. Some we aren’t even aware of. Last weekend I went to a past life regression workshop. I’ve always been interested in finding out more from my previous lives and how they affect my current time here on earth. I was excited to see them offering a class locally. The first half of the workshop consisted of a lecture and a guided past life regression meditation. Being my first regression meditation, I felt like I was only able to access 60% of it. I could feel my body go heavy like it was filled with lead. The images I received were hazy but I got enough to make a correlation to issues I’m dealing with now. In my mediation, I saw myself wearing a corset. The restraints made it difficult to breathe. In that life my family was wealthy. I spent my days at home with my mother. I loved being able to spend that much time with her.

In the second half of the class, the instructor went around and did a mini reading for each attendee. It was fascinating hearing all the stories from each person in the class. I honestly had no expectation or idea what the teacher was going to channel through me. When it was my turn she began with her eyes closed. She shook her head and said she had no idea what had happened to me. She saw cuts all over my body as if I was in the losing end of a sword fight. She mentioned seeing my grandmother and asked if I was close with my grandfather. I immediately thought of my mother’s father as he was the only grandfather I knew. She told me it was my father’s father. She said he was there the day I was born and he and my grandmother are always with me. She then began to tell me I grew up on the streets with my older brother and sister. One day they disappeared. She wasn’t sure if they were killed or put in jail as it was common in this time that kids were thrown in jail for stealing. I was physically weak and sick, having respiratory issues, possibly asthma, making it difficult for me to breath. I was always cold and hungry. I was alone for a long, long time. She asked me if I dealt with abandonment issues in this life. She continued, telling me I got good at stealing in order to survive. I eventually created a business, possibly illegal, where I was able to trade goods to stay alive. And then the kicker came. When she spoke these words I broke down in front of the whole class and began to cry. It resonated so deeply with what I’m currently going through. She told me my mother never meant to abandon me. She was sick and died of pneumonia one day. She loved me so much and never meant to leave. 

I still have my mother with me in this lifetime but I feel as if she hasn’t been there to protect me or give me affection. There were things I went through early in life that had a huge impact on me. Being young and confused I was scared to speak up about what was happening. There were times when I did go to her with other issues but felt like my voice wasn’t heard and it was all brushed off as nothing of importance. When I did finally speak up about what happened, it was once again brushed off. From her perspective, it wasn’t “that bad”.  Like blaming a rape victim that she was assaulted because of the way she was dressed. She told me I needed to stop blaming her for what happened to me in the past. I wasn’t blaming her. All I was asking for was for her to hold me and tell me she was sorry for what had happened to me. I wasn’t mad at her for the doing of others. I was looking for her protection and love to soothe my wounds. 

There were lots of tears following the workshop. I felt completely drained. I internalized all of the correlations of that lifetime and my current. So much fell into place and finally made sense. I focused on each feeling and told myself it’s okay to release what I’ve carried with me all this time. The point of past life regression is to decipher why we are and feel a certain way in our current time here on earth. It’s about coming to an understanding of what happened to us in previous times and making sure we learned the lessons that we were faced with. If we fail to acknowledge what we were once set to learn, we continue to deal with the same issues in future lives. Our goal in each life is to experience and grow. Every position we live teaches us about that carnation. We see from a different perspective which allows our souls to gain compassion and understanding for ourselves and others.

Experiencing a past life regression has been a huge help for my spiritual growth and physical healing. It’s been over a week now since the workshop and this past week was the first time in what seems like forever I wasn’t in a constant flare. I’m going to continue working with regression therapy as I feel deeply confident the further I dive into it, the more I will discover about myself and be able to work through and release what no longer serves me. 

Have you ever experienced a past life regression? If so, how has it helped you in your current life?