You've Come Too Far To Go Back

Every so often I feel as if I'm pulled back to where I started. Certain thought patterns reintroduce themselves and the feelings I've been happy to have abandoned come back knocking. It's a rough awakening. To think I've come so far yet here I am again. In the middle of my mind racing a mile a minute I called a time out. I am not where I once was. I am in a better place and a much better mindset. Life has taught me many lessons recently. These lessons all have a similar theme. How to deal. How do you deal with the curveballs life throws in your face?  The old me used to wallow in them. I allowed these trivial and some not so trivial situations a lot of real estate in my mind. The events replaying over and over again. They would eat me up and make me feel horrible. In fact, they made me physically sick. I would continue focusing on the negative. I couldn’t help it. Through spiritual guidance, acupuncture, a change in my diet, and most importantly a change in my thinking has allowed me to walk through the fog of negativity and into the bright light of positivity. It sounds simple doesn't it? Replace the negative thoughts with positive? It wasn't that simple for me. It took a while to get into the habit of replacing a gloomy thought with an affirmative. Finally I got to the point where the positive came naturally without resistance. It felt amazing! I noticed how great I felt mentally and physically when my voice was in charge and not my ego. When stress came for a visit the other day I felt the pull backwards. I noticed certain symptoms arising and I wasn't sleeping well. I needed to put my mind in check during the time-out I called.

You are not where you once were. This is another test life if giving you. How will you do? It's easy to fall back into old ways. They are comfortable and you feel secure. Yet that's going to get you nowhere. Look how far you have come. You are not back where you started. You are constantly evolving and right now you are at a midpoint. You can clearly assess the situation and deal with it. See it for what it is and accept it. Don't be scared of what is to come. There are exciting things ahead of you. You just have to put in the work with courage and love in your heart. Even when everything is up in the air know that it will always work out in the end. It may not play out how you originally planned, but when you look back in the end you will be thankful for every second of it and how much you gained from the experience. Trust in the universe. Trust your gut. Those feelings are becoming louder for a reason. They want you to listen and they want you to flourish.