The War With Ourselves

We are constantly at war with ourselves. Theego vs. the soul. Deep down we know what is good for us, what our bodies and spirit need to flourish. We allow the ego to override it all with its negativity. Willpower is lost, happiness shadowed by depression. The cycle lasts for as long as we allow it. Awareness is the first flicker of light that guides our soul to see the destruction happening. Once the awareness is in place we try our hardest to make a radical change. Quitting cold turkey is beneficial for some but for most of us, we need to slowly ease into a new way of living, thinking, and acting. It's easier said than done. Lasting change comes from an overall change in routine and listening to the voice of your soul. Not the voice that says you are not good enough. No matter how many slip ups you have, continue to push yourself. And by push I don't mean to exhaustion. Push yourself in a gentle and loving way. Be good to yourself. Be kind to yourself.