The Seven Year Change

When I met my boyfriend six years ago I was going through a difficult period. People that were once close to me proved themselves to no longer be beneficial in my life. I had a tough time accepting the changes and struggled to keep hold of these friendships. As he does so well, my boyfriend gave me words of encouragement and told me about the seven year change. Every seven years you change your group of friends. It’s part of life and as you continue to grow and dig deeper into yourself, you let go of those who no longer travel in the same direction as you. I had never heard of this ideology, but come to find out, thanks to Google, the seven year change not only applies to friends but to many other areas of your life. Looking back, I can see the transitions I made during the each of these cycles. The parts I did not address followed me to the next, hovering like a dark cloud. Within the last year I have experienced many situations that sparked enlightenment. I was able to let the storm rage and allow the rain to cleanse the areas in need of repair. I’ve been able to get back in touch with my true self. These positive changes have prepared me for the new cycle I will soon be embarking on. As I approach the end of my fourth cycle, I feel that I can freely transition to the next without carrying the weight of my past. With a new outlook on life and alignment from within, comes new experiences the universe has to offer. There are significant life changes I will be facing in the next two months. I can't share what they are at this time but they are BIG. It’s scary as hell, but something inside me knows that this is the right step to take. 


Below are a couple links to pages I enjoyed reading about this topic. It breaks down and explains each of the seven year cycles.


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