Reprogramming Our Body And Minds

The reprogramming of a computer allows it to work according to the new system. It no longer functions as it did before the new system was put in place. As humans, we try countless times to change things about ourselves. There are some who can make immediate changes followed by positive results. For others it doesn't come that easy. Willpower is the key that many of us have misplaced. We all have this trait within, regardless of what you say. It's how we harness and use it that is important. When we want to make a change we know what we need to do to make it lasting. The problem is, we hack the programming. If reprogrammed computers can instantly work more efficiently, why can't we reprogram ourselves? We must think of it as a new and permanent change. Why go back when you’re now at your optimal level?

For years I’ve known that I needed to make a change in my life. What I was lacking was the willpower to see me through. I would enact a new way of living only to fall back into old ways just a few days later. The lack of commitment to a new and improved program has left me sick, physically and mentally, for years. I’ve been uncomfortable, unhappy, and depressed to say the least. It’s not a way to live. I wanted things easy, to just glide through life, and hoped that things around me would get better; that I wouldn’t have to change much to see an improvement. I was so very wrong to think those thoughts. In order to see any changes we must make them and if we want to see results, we have to stick with them. Recently it hit me, smack in the face. I knew all this before but this time it really struck me. Since this realization, I have made a huge change in my lifestyle. My diet needed reprogramming. It may sound funny to the people who know me because I already led a very healthy lifestyle. No sodas, fast-food, processed foods, etc. Sugar though, was my downfall. I had to have it every day. Sometimes I’d like to have something sweet after lunch and dinner. Many of my snacks also contained sweet ingredients. There were nights I would be too full from dinner yet I still had to have my dessert. It was my mind that was calling these cravings. My body knew that I didn’t need them.

Having dessert occasionally is fine. When you suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, bacterial, and candida infections sugar is a NO, NO! After years of suffering I had to make a change. This time I knew I was capable of enforcing something to last. Due to my other health conditions I decided to try the elimination diet. I want to see if there are any foods that trigger my pain and flare-ups. It’s been almost a week now and so far I can already see some of the positive changes it’s had. The change I notice the most it the quieting of my ego. It no longer says, “Oh, just eat that cookie.” I also have a feeling of higher self-confidence. My ego doesn’t talk down to me every time I look in the mirror. My constant bloating has reduced which makes me feel comfortable again in my clothes. Last night I was telling my boyfriend how good I’m starting to feel and he said he could see it. He said I looked happy and confident which is something that I’ve been struggling with for some time. When you constantly feel like shit it’s hard to present yourself in a better way. I’m excited to see how the rest of the month goes and how much better I can feel. I’m thankful for this change as it’s opened my eyes to a truly healthy way of eating for my body and mind.