Internal vs. External Achievements

In the age of social media where everyone’s lives seem picture perfect it’s all a little too hard to not compare your life to theirs. Especially now, into my late 20’s I see all sorts of life accomplishments. Engagements, weddings, children, and so on. I can attest to none of these. Although I may have not reached any of these external achievements, I have reached many internal. As I was going to bed last night I thought about this. I’ve overcome an eating disorder as well as self-mutilation. Each day I work on loving myself more and releasing old and negative thought patterns I’ve lived with for years. I may not share these accomplishments on my social media account but that doesn’t mean they aren’t significant. They are a pivotal part of my growth and I’m finally giving myself the acknowledgement I deserve. So many of us compare our lives to those we see though a phone screen. We are doing a huge disservice to ourselves by doing this. We need to focus on our own accomplishments whether they be internal or external and be satisfied with where we are at this exact moment in our lives.