Breaking Free From Emotional Attachments

For a while now I've had the urge to run. So fast that I will leave all this shit behind. Not so much in a literal sense. To break free from the emotional attachments I've held onto for so many years. Shit from my youth, past friendships, romantic relationships, and possible attachments from past lives that have stuck with me. I'm tired of being weighed down all the time. I'm tired of feeling pain, both mentally and physically. I believe a lot of my chronic pain is due to the excess baggage I've held inside all these years. Each day I feel that I'm moving toward something better. There are days when I feel I've been pushed backwards. It's discouraging when you think you have come so far but I've learned these feelings are normal. We are constantly growing and learning more about ourselves. No matter how far we've come there is always room for improvement. Healing is not a quick fix. It's a continual path of light we travel though.