Herbs For PCOS

Over the weekend I finally got around to purchasing some dried herbs to create my own glycerites. I went with chamomile and calendula. Once their month-long brew is complete I’ll be using them as facial serums. Vegetable glycerine is an inexpensive and effective remedy for reducing wrinkles, but more on that in a future post. In addition to the herbs mentioned above, I intuitively picked out a few others to use for making tea. I later discovered that the three I picked, nettle leaf, red raspberry leaf, and fennel, are all great for PCOS and women’s health. It’s no wonder I was drawn to them. I decided to mix them all together and have been enjoying a cup once a day. Below is a little info about each herb.

Red Raspberry Leaf: This herb is a wonderful uterine tonic. It helps strengthen and tone the uterus. It’s most popularly used for pregnancy and labor but can also be used at a nutritive for conception. It’s also been used to heal and reduce symptoms of PCOS, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids.

Fennel: Many people already know that fennel is great for digestive health. Its anti-inflammatory properties are helpful in reducing gas which can alleviate the accompanying bloating and cramps. How many women out there get angry stomachs around their period or ovulation? Fennel also works to balance hormone levels in the body which in turn help regulate menstruation. 

Nettle Leaf: Nettle is a great tonic for women. It’s a rich source of iron which can help prevent anemia. It works to regulate hormone levels in the body and like fennel, can help alleviate bloating and cramps before the onset of menstruation.


** If you are on prescription medication, always consult a doctor or check for any contraindications as some herbs and medication should not be taken together.**

PCOS tea