sunset ocean

Self devotion is imperative for living a truly fulfilling life. It is a commitment we make to ourself. It can be in the form of eating well, thinking positively, meditation, or doing a daily yoga practice. Whatever it is, it benefits us on a deeper level. We must first treat our own body and mind right in order to share our greatness with others. At 28 years old, I put an end to my suffering by making a commitment to heal. I’m still going through the motions each day but as I reflect every night I’m proud to see my true self shining through. For years I abused my body and mind with self-sabotage. Between a compulsive eating disorder, self-mutilation, negative thinking, insecurities, and allowing myself to stay in unhealthy relationships, I had lost many important parts of who I was. It’s taken me a long time to collect those lost pieces and put myself back together. 

My Self Devotion was born during this awaking in my life. Over the past year I have surpassed the the doubt, fear, and insecurities that held me back for so many years. I've documented my journey here in hopes that it can resonate with someone else. In struggle, we always feel like we are alone. In truth, we are not alone. With understanding, fearlessness, and love we can not only help ourselves but those around us as well.